What Have I Been Up To?

As you all know, the United States has been quarantined for about 6-7 weeks. I’ve lost track by now. 😂 I have kept myself busy by cleaning, making crafts, doing schoolwork, and hanging out with my family. There have been a lot of Google Meets, and a few FaceTime sessions. I made a friend jar for a friend, and I am working on another for another friend. I want to make sure they feel special and loved. 

I have to be honest, I have been complaining about not being able to see my friends and distant family. I have to realize that I’m not the only one going through this pandemic, and there are people who have it way worse than me. I need to be grateful that I am healthy and that I don’t have it the worst. I need to pray for those who aren’t as lucky as me.

I am planning on doing a few more activities (Thanks, Pinterest!) during the rest of this quarantine. Maybe you will do some of these things too…

– Start a daily journal

– Start a long Bible plan on YouVersion

– Make a Christian vision board

– Do some spring cleaning

– Make a summer bucket list

– Clean out virtual junk (Pinterest, Google Drive, Photos, and other unnecessary apps.)

If these activities don’t sound fun to you, pray and ask God to help you find some fun activities you can do, so you can make the best out of this quarantine! 

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