Summer Is Here!

I love making videos on my trampoline!

Summer is by far my favorite season. The pool, the lemonade stands, and walking my dog, Mocha! (He is the one chasing the football above. 😂) Although this summer will be a little different from other summers, we can still make the best of it! I am doing a summer bucket list with my friend. Some activities include CrossFit, 3 sleepovers in a row, a bonfire, and tons more! I am also planning on babysitting this summer, if people are comfortable with it. I love little kids, and I have tons of free time to babysit! Think about the things you love to do, and do them this summer! Unless that includes watching TV from morning to night! I talking about outdoor activities, like jumping on the trampoline, and taking pictures, and maybe even having a picnic at your local park! Stay safe and stay sunny this summer!

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